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Know No Bounds

This project was a collaboration with the artist Richard Lerman and students of the School of Museum of Fine Arts. The two installations and traveling performance took place during the expansion of the Red Line as part of the MBTA’s construction mitigation program. At Park Street Station "The Shrine," homage to everyday objects and shopping, was housed in and around an open 1950's refrigerator and nestled under a stairwell. All parts of the installation, plastic fruit, animals, hubcaps, etc. were painted red. In the Central Square Station, "The Proscenium" was a piece between the two train tracks that consisted of red-painted objects that related to the theme of being below and underneath: flashlights, fish, trouble lights, ladders, etc. Viewers could look from one platform, through the installation, to the other, where the performers were.

Dressed all in red, performers represented whimsical caricatures of subway riders: a tourist, a child, an executive, a bag lady, an artist and a construction worker. Their performance consisted of choreographed and exaggerated subway activities, like reading a newspaper. They traveled on the subway, completing an eight-hour loop that began at Park St. and ended at Central Sq, four stations apart on the Red Line.

Photo Credits: Kathy Chapman

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