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One Legged Table

Thirteen household tables have been cut and assembled together to make this one table. Only a single leg supports the individual tables so that each relies on the other tables for support. The found tables and chairs bring their own unique histories to the installation.

The Table was featured in the exhibition Greed, Guilt, and Grappling: Six Artists Respond to Climate Change at The Mills Gallery of the Boston Center for the Arts (Boston, MA). In a series of gallery events The Table became the setting for bringing people from different communities and groups together to eat and to discuss common issues around climate change. These dinners were sponsored by different local groups: The Food Project, Public Conversations Project, Trinity Church, and Boston Artist Dinner. A concurrent Artists Dinner was also hosted in Jakarta, Indonesia by the artist Michael Sheridan. The interdependence of the different tables reflects the different perspectives coming together at the table and their own interdependence.

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