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This installation was commissioned for the Biennial Exhibition of Public Art at the Neuberger Museum (New York State University, Purchase, NY). Playback evokes the memory of a tennis court dating back to the Chisholm Estate upon which the main campus of the State University of New York was built. The court was long ago abandoned and has since become overgrown. The site of the tennis court is almost hidden by the trees and an old chainlink fence, but the original playing surface has kept the court mostly open and discernible. The outlines of the court were redrawn with white nylon strapping elevated above the ground to make an apparition of the old court.

An audio recording, created with sound artist Siobahn Rigg, of a tennis game with popping balls, shuffling feet, muffled voices and periodic pings of a ball hitting a chain link fence recreates the site’s past. The sounds coming from many hidden speakers spatially recreate the game in the court. The site simultaneously exists in the past and present.

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