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One Legged Table: Icebergs

Tackling themes ranging from global warming to the survival of humankind, Mags Harries’ solo exhibition featured a reprise of her 2008 piece the One Legged Table. The table, a symbol of community gathering and a place to plan action, is comprised of parts from thirteen different kitchen and dining tables. Each section is supported by just one leg, which when joined together create one large unified structure.

Harries’ One Legged Table serves as a site for discussion and action. During the run of the show, a series of brunches were held addressing topics relevant to climate change. The invitees, each specializing diverse disciplines, came together in the gallery to create an action generated from their discussion. A series of thirteen iceberg sculptures, cast in metal and resin, were shown alongside the One Legged Table.

Harries has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally. Best Known for her public commissioned works, she constructs relationships with objects and materials to evoke new meaning. In her public art practice with Lajos Héder, many of the award-winning projects are based on water, and often reflect on environmental issues.

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